Musica Gloria is a young, vibrant baroque ensemble of top international standing and is led by Beniamino Paganini (maestro al cembalo, traverso and harpsichord) and Nele Vertommen (baroque oboe and recorder). The ensemble focuses mainly on baroque repertoire and adapts its instrumentation, (copies of) historical instruments and performance practice to the carefully designed programmes.

Musica Gloria plays on national and international stages such as: AMUZ (BE), BachFest Leipzig (DE), BOZAR (BE), 30CC (BE), Concertgebouw Brugge (BE), De Bijloke (BE), Festivals de Wallonie (BE), Klara (BE), MAfestival (BE), Musica Antica (NL), Mubafa (BE), Trigonale (AT) and Viaggio in Italia (IT). The ensemble is constantly buzzing, resulting in some 30 concerts a year and many recordings that can be listened to on YouTube and Spotify, among others. Besides video recordings, four CDs have been released in the meantime: Encounters in Rome: Corelli & Handel (2023, Etcetera Records), The Bachs & The Flute (2022, Pan Classics), Fasch’s Oboe (2022, Pan Classics) and a CD with a selection of our YouTube recordings (2021, own production).

In recent years, Musica Gloria’s core repertoire has consisted of music for ensembles of up to 10 musicians from the first half of the 18th century. In addition, the ensemble looks ahead to projects in larger settings (Chandos Anthems by Handel, Te Deum by Charpentier and cantatas from G. Österreich’s collection) and projects going further back in time (17th century). The ensemble does not shy away from famous works and also likes to perform unjustly lesser known works. Essential is to bring the audience a captivating musical story and let them experience inspiring, moving and heartwarming moments. At times, the ensemble likes to provide a musical wink and make use of the entire hall and not just the stage. Musica Gloria consists of a group of young and enthusiastic soloists who are in highly demand with renowned ensembles such as Il Gardellino, Scherzi Musicali, A Nocte Temporis, De Nederlandse Bachvereniging, Concerto Copenhagen, Gli Angeli Genève, Collegium Marianum, Le Poème Harmonique, La Petite Bande and Concerto Köln. Members of the ensemble enjoy preparations and concerts in an open, amusing and harmonious atmosphere with respect for the music, composer and fellow musicians. 

Musica Gloria could and can count on support from enthusiastic volunteers, (sustainable) sponsors, crowdfunders, fans and from the Flemish government, the cities of Brugge, Knokke and Leuven, and Tax Shelter. The ensemble is very grateful for this help and warmly thanks all involved.

How it began…

Musica Gloria was founded in Bruges in 2006 by the then 12-year-old Beniamino. The ensemble and choir then consisted of some 20 enthusiastic children and young people. They conquered the hearts of young and old with atmospheric baroque Christmas concerts based on old carols. After being selected for the fringe concerts of the MA Festival in Bruges and the Early Music Festival in Utrecht, it further evolved into a professional ensemble with a solid foundation thanks to several projects with very diverse line-ups: from traverso with strings and basso continuo (including successful Bach tour) to orchestral line-ups (Bach-Mozart tour) and from voice with ensemble (Purcell, Handel & Bach tour) to duo concerts (German chamber music with a French touch). In 2020, among other things, the publication of several recordings – both self-published and with Klara and AMUZ – provided a boost.

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