2 oboes, bassoon, 4 strings & harpsichord
This programme consists of works from Fasch, Telemann & Bach that where heard at the court of Zerbst during the 18th century. At that time Fasch was the kapellmeister there.
 J.F.Fasch, Ouverture, FaWV K:d4
J.F.Fasch, Fantasia, FaWV O:F1
J.F.Fasch, Prelude, FaWV K:G19
G.Ph.Telemann, Oboe concerto in G, TWV 51:G2
J.F.Fasch, Quartet, 2 vln, vla & bc, FaWV N:d3
J.F.Fasch, Fuga, FaWV K:d4
J.S.Bach, Sinfonia from ‘Ich steh mit meinem Fuß in grabe’
J.F.Fasch, Sonata for recorder and bassoon
J.F.Fasch, Canon for two violins, 
J.S.Bach, Sinfonia, bwv 21
J.F.Fasch, Concerto for two oboes and bassoon, FaWV L:g4

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